“Service is not about what you do – it is about who you are.

Customer service shouldn’t be just part of the company – it should BE the company. I gain trust with my clients by listening, responding accordingly,  and following through.”

Top Cat Promotions - Owner Ellen Murphy
Ellen Murphy

Location, location, location.  Wait…wrong industry.  Service, service, service.  Yes, I sell promotional items but first and foremost I “sell” service. I’ve been asked many times over the course of the past 21+ years what makes me different than other suppliers. The answer is simple – I care. I want my clients to have the best possible experience through Top Cat. They should (and do) receive the best quality service, fair pricing and someone who truly cares if their order comes out correctly and on time (I have never missed an event date!). So, sure, I sell swag but what I pride myself on is the way I treat my clients and handle any type of situation that heads my way.

It all began at a bar (because all good stories start at a bar). A favorite couple of mine always came in for Sunday brunch and we would make small talk. I was just about to graduate from college and the woman asked me what I planned on doing after I graduated, etc. The questions kept coming and finally I looked at her and said, “what is it you want from me and why are you asking me all of these questions!?” She said that she wanted me to work for her and told me she sold promotional items. At the time I had no idea what promotional products were (hey, I was young) so she interviewed me and I got the job. Long story short, I worked for her for about 5 years and she gradually became the silent owner because I took over the company. In 2003 she told me that she wasn’t having “fun” owning the business anymore and asked me if I would be interested in buying it from her. Thus, Top Cat Promotions evolved and has been going strong for over 16 years.